Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Transplant Time

It became clear to my family, my doctors and I tthat needed a transplant. had had just about run out of chemo drugs amd radiation has med never cured APML and this was our last resort.
The Saturday before the first transplant (sheduled for the 29gh) i need to sleep now and i will explain why later/ srry for the exptremely rief and incomplete update......

Monday, November 16, 2009

Roswell (Buffalo)

Today my family and I went to Buffalo for a sexond opinion and this dramatically changed the route that I will most likely take to stay in remission.
The new doctor suggested restarting the meds I was on last Winter. The only change he suggested was that I take the atra one week on and one week off. He also told us that a bone marrow transplant right now with my heart condition (cardio myopothy -sp?-) would almost certainly be fatal, so I guess that's officially out of the question for now. The doctor wants to get my bone marrow healthy enough to extract some, freeze it, and save it for if the leukemia comes back again so that I don't have to use the marrow of a stranger, thus avoiding graph vs host disease.
Before going home, my mom and I stopped off at the Anchor Bar and Grill for a delicious meal at the home of the original Buffalo Wing. It was pretty good and a great way to begin a long drive back to Ithaca, where we were greeted by an enthusiastic puppy.
Suki is doing very well and has completely adjusted to her new home. Although everything seems like a chew toy to her, we love the new baby of the family and are having a ton of fun!
While I've been home I've been keeping very busy with the new puppy. I also re-started guitar and have been doing physical therapy and working out with the local gym's manager. With all of this and with the holidays coming up, I'll hopefullly stay occupied for a long time.
Time for a walk!
Much love,

Monday, November 2, 2009

More Suki

These are some pictures of Suki when we first met her at six weeks old.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Meet Suki

This is Suki. Suki will be coming home with me in exactly one week (November sixth) thanks to Laurie, Grandma and my mom. She is the cutest Havanese puppy in the world and possibly the cutest puppy in geveral in the world. 
Sorry I haven't updated the blog in a while, but other than getting an awesome and enormous TV (thanks to all who contributed), nothing exciting has been going on.
I am still in remission. We found this out today. We will be getting a second and maybe a third opinion before we commit to a bone marrow transplant.
Much love,

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Day at Strong

Yesterday night they started the arsenic treatment through IV. This morning they were planning on placing a picc line, but because my platelets are a little low, they need to transfuse some. Unfortunately, as a reaction to rat poison in my blood, I have a slight fever, so they may have to delay the transfusion.
Word travels very very fast. I think I might have told five people, maybe six, but the entirety of Ithaca knows about the cancer. Impressive.
Not much else is going on around here. Hospitals are boring. You know this by now if you have been keeping up with the blog long enough. This is why I would love visitors!! Call me (or anyone I know if you don't have my number) to arrange a visit, or just show up!
Much love,

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Bad news...

So I woke up this morning with petechiae. Petechiae was one of my initial symptoms, so after consulting with doctor Laurie, I promptly went to get a blood test. The results showed a relapse. Needless to say I am not very pleased. I am in Strong Memorial right now and waiting to start treatment tomorrow morning. They are putting me on arsenic (yes, arsenic). On the bright side, I won't lose any hair. I'll keep everyone updated.
Much love,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Checking in Again

Hi all!! I recently remembered amidst preparation for finals (next week... eek!) and school that I haven't blogged in a while. Obviously this blog will turn into an ordinary blog, seeing as I hopefully will never have to deal with cancer again (although I am dealing with an ear infection at the moment... icky), so I will not be offended if anyone unsubscribes, in fact, I don't think I will know if you unsubscribe because the website has no way of telling me who is subscribed in the first place!
Anyway, I thought I'd post a picture of me and my new head of hair! Usually it's curly, but I straightened it. Also, there's one more with a special effect that I really liked... I couldn't resist. ;-)
I will be finishing up the semester soon. This week is the last week of classes, and I plan to head home on the first and celebrate my 19th birthday in Ithaca with some close friends and family. Summer is almost here, and I got my job of choice at Stewart Park Day Camp as a boating assistant, so I recently had to get my CPR certification updated. I also got my First Aid certification, and I still have my lifeguarding certification. I figured, with all of my medical problems from last summer, I might as well know what they are/how to handle them in case I or another person needs it.
To all you nurses at Strong: I REALLY hope I can visit you all this summer!! I might just surprise you all and stop by some weekend. :-) Bet you won't recognize me with my hair this way!!
To my Ithacans: I miss you all and hope to see you over the summer. Let me know if you'll be in town. I'm trying to make up for a missed summer last year, so you'll most likely find me at Second Dam (I'll be the one covered in sunscreen) or on the commons enjoying the sun as much as I can (and as much as my parents will allow) when I'm not at work, that is.
To my family: I will be SO busy this summer because Caley asked me to help plan hers and Greg's wedding! Don't worry, I'll do a good job. Ooooh! I love parties!! I'm very excited. :-D
Much love,