Monday, November 16, 2009

Roswell (Buffalo)

Today my family and I went to Buffalo for a sexond opinion and this dramatically changed the route that I will most likely take to stay in remission.
The new doctor suggested restarting the meds I was on last Winter. The only change he suggested was that I take the atra one week on and one week off. He also told us that a bone marrow transplant right now with my heart condition (cardio myopothy -sp?-) would almost certainly be fatal, so I guess that's officially out of the question for now. The doctor wants to get my bone marrow healthy enough to extract some, freeze it, and save it for if the leukemia comes back again so that I don't have to use the marrow of a stranger, thus avoiding graph vs host disease.
Before going home, my mom and I stopped off at the Anchor Bar and Grill for a delicious meal at the home of the original Buffalo Wing. It was pretty good and a great way to begin a long drive back to Ithaca, where we were greeted by an enthusiastic puppy.
Suki is doing very well and has completely adjusted to her new home. Although everything seems like a chew toy to her, we love the new baby of the family and are having a ton of fun!
While I've been home I've been keeping very busy with the new puppy. I also re-started guitar and have been doing physical therapy and working out with the local gym's manager. With all of this and with the holidays coming up, I'll hopefullly stay occupied for a long time.
Time for a walk!
Much love,