Thursday, August 28, 2008


Hello once again!
Right now I am in my dorm room at Clark University. I have an awesome roomate and a few new friends and I am having an amazing time so far.
Tomorrow I'll find out when and where my last round of chemo is. Everything seems to be going well so far with me at college. The people here are very accepting of the bald, but I'm still going to try to start a headwrap fad (hehe).
Much love,


Anonymous said...

aw im so happy that you got to start school on time! i hope you have lots and lots of fun there!
-Aimee Rollins

Unknown said...

You go sister!
I'm beyond thrilled that you are at school!!!!
You are one awesome babe.
Please continue to keep all of us who love you ,up to date with the juicy details of college life.
We love you.
Andrea and Ron

Unknown said...

Hey girl,
glad to see everything is going well at Clark. I hope to see a 'headwrap' fashion going underway if (more like, WHEN) I come visit you in MA! I'm working at Ithaca Bakery now, makes me think a lot about our lunch trips last year, and how glad I am that you made it past all of this so hopefully we can have our lunch dates again (although, of course, less often seeing as we're not at IHS anymore.) Anyways, I love you dear, keep in touch and I'll try to give you a call soon.

Love, Kimi