Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Some good and some semi-bad news. Semi-bad news first: Thursday is the surgery to have my gall bladder removed. It is scheduled to be a laproscopic surgery, so hopefully very few scars. There is about a 5% chance that they will have to go in the old fashioned way and leave a huge scar, but if that 5% pulls through, I'll count it as another battle wound.
The good news is that a week after the surgery, assuming all goes well, I have my FINAL round of consolidation chemotherapy!! This will last five days, and I should get out right in time to head off to college! This was our ultimate goal frm he start: to finish consolidation chemo before college. My family and I are EXTREMELY excited. We are now scrambling to buy all the college supplies.
Although I will be done with consolidation chemo, I will become neutropinic while I am at Clark, so while I have a weak immune system, I will be staying in a hotel with Aunt Laurie, close to the Clark campus. Also, in preparation for college, we found an oncologist in Worcester to check in with on a monthly basis at U Mass Medical.
After the neutropenic stage, I will restart the Atra chemo drug, which is a little scary because I was on this drug when I got two of the three seizures. The good part of this is that it is rare to have a bad reaction twice to the Atra. Most people who have reacted badly to this drug during the induction chemo have had much more success when they are reintroduced to it during maintinence therapy.
We are almost in the clear!!
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that's so exciting and SO wonderful!