Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Day 13 - "it's gettin' better all the ti-i-me..."

Marika finished her chemo and has begun the target treatment, ATRA, again. This is a type of Vitamin A that has a really good success rate with her type of cancer. She is tolerating it now and her body is responding to it really really well! Her throat is SORE and thus Marika should not try to talk. Her vision is still blurry too, so reading and laptopping will wait a few days.

Thus the downside at this point is serious discomfort, and the upside is that Marika is getting better every day. Everything is really positive. More great news is that Marika can have visitors now. If you want to come, it would be good to check in with Tori J. so Marika has only a few people at a time. Remember that she is still highly susceptible to infection. Nobody with any trace of oncoming or outgoing sickness is allowed. You have to wash up when you are about to go in her room and wear face masks when you are there. Marika texted just now to tell you all "that i miss everyone and i'll try to write soon too." ~From Marika's Dad, David


Grandma Gladys said...

Hi Marika --- I'm so glad to hear of your progress with the treatments you are getting. I know it's not easy, but you're a brave girl and you'll get through it because you have a lot of "good livin" to look forward to. I love you like always, Grandma.

Zoƫ said...

So glad the treatment is working. I would really love to see you. What hospital are you at, and when would it be okay to come??

Unknown said...

You probably don't remember me much, but this is Katarina (Karin) Andersson from way back in the day. I've been reading your blog and I really hope things continue to go well with the treatment. Hang in there! I send hugs and happy vibes (also I forgot to say, you did a great job in 'Into The Woods'!)