Friday, May 23, 2008

Why isn't Marika posting?

After posting on Day 6, Marika continued to have difficulty breathing. Later that day, her doctors transferred her to intensive care to be on the safe side, and put her on a ventilator, helping her to breathe with the assistance of an air tube. She was sedated, because it's really hard to stay quiet with a breathing tube going down your throat! She continues to receive chemotherapy and is improving continually. The doctors have lightened the sedation and are still watching her closely in the Intensive Care Unit. Please keep posting because her family is reading aloud to Marika, she will know that you wrote to her, and she will only get stronger and feel better knowing that you care so much. ~Janet


Anonymous said...

marika- stay strong.. you can beat this, you can make it through half the indoor season lamarr puts us through.. haha i miss you and i'm always thinking about you. I love you! <3

julie schaeffer said...

dear mariks,
we could feel your strong character even during our short visit yesterday. were so glad to hear youre doing well. i cant believe the nurses let us in-you must be a favorite, youre one of ours. i hope azis didnt make your stomach hurt from laughter-he tends to do that.
let us know if you want anything: music? book? well bring it over.
~Marcy Schaeffer

Unknown said...

Hey Beautiful.
Keep in there, i need my meeks, my tomato, my RUSH girl, My C-party girl back!
Love you and missing you terribly!

Anonymous said...

Dear Marika, You are going to lick this. We are all praying for you and thinking about you day and night. It is going to happen.

Anna Kate said...

marika, i'm so sorry to hear that you're not doing great. i wish i could be there with you, but cassie said you cant have visitors. i'll be there as soon as i can be. you're a strong person, and we all know it. just do what you do everyday and beat this thing. love you girl!

Brig said...

Marika- Your Sanibel cousins are by your side. We know how determined you can be! What a great attitude and wonderful sense of humor. Thank you for sharing your story. It helps us to understand what you are going through.

And a loud thank you shout out to Janet for helping create the site and keeping us posted. You have no idea how helpful it is to keep connected- Thank you.

cousin brig

Anonymous said...

Hey Marika-

You probably don't remember me. This is Allie, Wendy's Step-daughter. My Dad has told me what happened. I went with her to Sanibel during Xmas one year because my Dad was sick. Well, I will pray for you and hope you get better soon. Stay strong, you have a lot of support.


Anonymous said...

Dear Marika, You will push through this as the true trooper you are. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Don't worry about the hair, your inner and outer beauty way outshine that. JANET, a million thanks for creating this. We care and want to know everything.
Cousin Phil,Kerry,Sydney & Paige

Pocahontas & Mulan said...

I love you so much. Keep fighting this.
<3 Sho

Unknown said...

hey baby
i was upset i couldn't come see you this weekend
but as soon as you're out of ICU i am coming up there! don't you worry! i miss my mreiks and our IB runs 3rd period...and i just simply have to see you! stay strong love!


Grandma Gladys said...

Hi Marika! I'm up in the house at the Berkshire Mountains now. I am in touch with your mom and Laurie and Wendy every day -- hanging on words of your improvement. I know you can make it through these rough times. You come from strong stock! One day when this is all behind you -- you can come up here with your mom and we'll do our favorite thing together -- Shopping! You can choose things from the lovely shops up here and I'll knit you an aphgan throw for your room at college. Just hang in there and know that we all love you very much. Grandma.

Anonymous said...

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