Tuesday, May 20, 2008

day 6

i woke up this morning with difficlty breathing. the nurse gave me an inhaler like tube and some pills to open my lungs and my chest area. i didn't get much sleep that night. later, after falling asleep around 5am, i woke up with blurry vision in my right eye. it's not like i'm blind, but if i close my left eye, there is a gray blob in the center of my vision. the doctors assume it's because of the high white blood cell count (now down to 120,000) or the massive amounts of fluids that have been entering my body through the IV.
they started intense chemo literally minutes ago. the nurse said that because my white blood cells weren't working already, it won't change much over the next week or so. the part i'm worried about most is having a WBC count of 0, which according to the nurse, is virtually already happening.
the nurse also said that the chemo might affect how i like certain foods. i guess this means i'll be ordering out a lot because i already dislike hospital food. i miss peaches and sushi and smoothies... it's fresh fruit season and i can't have anything good. all my food has to be cooked, canned or frozen before consumption. also, i can't have any visitors who are contageously sick or any flowers in this room because they carry bacteria. this sucks a little, but it'll be over soon enough.
stay in touch!


Unknown said...

Try freezing a banana on a stick... they're very delicious frozen, like a Popsicle only better. Sorry to hear it's going so rough, keep trooping!
<3 Snow White

wendy botie said...

I know that each day you will become stronger in fighting this.
Think good thoughts. You will be in my prayers and wishes. Stay focused and be positive. You are a go-getter. Love Ya Wendy

Unknown said...

You are amazing me so much right now girl. You are in everyone's thoughts... but i personally recommend frozen blueberries or rasberries, or canned strawberries if you can find them... yummy!
Love, Flo

Anonymous said...

Damn marika i know that i only knew you briefly through modified soccer and musicals, but i always thought you were pretty fly. Reading your blog almost made me cry. Stay strong!

Unknown said...

frozen grapes are good too.
if youre allowed frozen fruit at all, just do it all:-)

we all love you much much much
<3 mir

Unknown said...

Hey Marika,
I never, ever planned to join face book but I had to read your blog! I am really glad that you have so many people who love you and are sending all of their positive thoughts and wishes in your direction. Here are some from me and I'll bring them in person on Friday (along with Silviana).

Janet S. said...

Just keep eating, Marika. That's so important to your health just now. Athletes with cancer say they re-applied their training-through-pain discipline to eating-through-chemo to stay in shape. I will try to send some primo (though canned) peaches with Paula this weekend. You sound really brave to which I say bravo. Love, Janet

lpwaza said...

riks, see you soon. waza love!!!!!!!!! coach

Darla V. said...

Hi Marika,
This is Hannah V.s Mom, her Dad, Glenn, works for your Dad and we've probably met once or twice. But I wanted you to know we are all thinking about you and praying for a speedy recovery. You can kick this thing!
I'll be checking your blog often!
Definitely go to the prom, hair or no hair you are a hero! Plus, hair is over rated anyway!
Take care hun!

Unknown said...

I love you baby girl
Stay strong, I'll see you this weekend (although not soon enough!)
Love, Kimi

Sunshine said...

Hello Marika,
Just wanted to let you know we are all thinking and Praying for you on West York St. Stay Strong and Tough. I cried my eyes out reading your blog, your are such a Trooper. Keep up the fight.
Sonny & Victoria & Family

bethq said...

My personal favorite frozen fruit is frozen grapes...
Just mix fresh grapes with your favorite jello mix and freeze overnight. Super easy and REALLY good.
Hurry back so you can kick my butt at chess again!
You Rock!
Bethany Q.

Lauren A said...

hiii pretty girl :)
I'm glad you're writing everything down in this online journal, it'll only make your testimony stronger because not only are many of your family and friends following along with you, but you can see how this battle progresses and how much it'll change you. Whenever times seem rough for me, I remind myself that God will never allow me to go through a challenge that he knows I cannot handle. Personally, that alone can make me feel as if I can take on anything. Just remember how many people care about you and are constantly praying for your recovery. Be strong, you'll be just fine in no time :)

Jan said...

Hey Marika

Just heard the news of your leukemia. Sound pretty rough right now. But I know even as a little girl in TKD, you were always a fighter and you can kick this too. Love and prayers to you and your family from down South. Hang in there!

Love Jan