Friday, May 30, 2008

day 15

hey guys~ marika here (for real). sorry if i hve a ton of typos... my vision is really bad right now and i'm typing blind for the most part.
i started losng my hair today... it really sucks. i was in the shower and i looked down and there was just HAIR. it was pretty scary. i like my hair a lot.
other than that, the side effects of the chemo are pretty mild with the exception of the sore throat. i haven't been able to speak for days, coughing, laughing, swallowing, anything hurts. it sucks majorly.
back to my vision... two doctors seem to have conflicting beliefs on whether or not it is a permanent change. if it is permanent, i might get surgery or something, but the doctor suggested we wait until after chemo is done as it would be very prone to infection and i have no white blood cells at the moment.
there are some pretty cool things about this hospital. the other day, i was not only visited by a harpist (soothes headaches supposedly), but also a doggie and a masseuse who massaged my back for like 20 minutes (my first real massage :D).
the doctors are about to come in, so i've gotta go but i'll try to post more.
i've got another bone marrow biopsy on monday >( which i'm NOT looking forward to. they said they'd sedate me more this time. i wouldn't mind just being completely passed out, persosnally.
-much love,


Island Friends said...

Hi Marika from all the staff and your friends at Island Health & Fitness. We are all thinking of you and our thoughts and prayers are with you each and every day. You are a tough girl and you can beat this. Please know that if you need anything all you have to do is ask. Be strong!

Celia said...

Hi Marika, I've been following your ups and downs closely, thanks to the blog. I'm so glad you're feeling able to blog again. I am so impressed with your spirit and your fortitude. Everyone asks about you and everyone is rallying for you. You do have beautiful hair and watching it fall out must really suck. Luckily for you, your face is beautiful enough to pull off the "no hair" look. Some of us would have a "dominating nose" issue. (If you know what I mean). I'll come and see you soon. Love Celia

Paula said...

Marika, I am so sorry about the hair and the ongoing sore throat. I was glad to hear about the doggie visit and especially the massage. I'm sure you really need as many things that feel good as possible right now. Tell mom to get you a smoothie from me. By the way, did your dad read to you and how was his southern accent?
All my love,

Cady said...

So glad to hear from you!! Hair is overrated... There's no need to worry about looking super cute, because there are so many awesome hat options out there! Let me know if you want a kitty cat ear hat, I'd be happy to whip one off for yah. Also, you should watch the episodes of Sex in the City when Samantha loses her hair from her chemo, and channels her inner "lil Kim". That's always an awesome option. Good luck on the bone marrow, and glad to hear you're up and around a little!
<3 Cady

andrea said...

Hi Marik-
You are one amazing young woman!I am so appreciating your direct,clear communication so that all of us out here are knowing what's going on for you.
The 'not being able to see' part must be intense...
maybe it will help you to 'look' at your own beauty as you move through hair loss in another way.
Dear One, you are my hero!
Play practice starts on Monday.I am waiting to hear when my visiting would be helpful so I can arrange it with Melani .You are always close to me each year as we start this kooky process.Your triumphs on stage ,just like those now, set the standard for the next group of young people facing the same thing.What a magnificent model you are.

wendy botie said...

Hi Marika

Sorry to hear about your hair loss, but you have such a pretty face and nice features. I am glad that everything else is going well. Just keep positive and be strong. Good luck on Monday with the bone marrow. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Much Love Always Wendy

wendy botie said...

Hi Marika

Sorry to hear about your hair loss but you know you have such a beautiful face with gorgeous features. I am glad that everything else is getting better. Good luck on Monday with the bone marrow. I am so glad that they are treating you so well at the hospital. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love Ya Wendy

wendy botie said...

Hi Marika Sorry about your sore throat and hair loss. I know your hair is very beautiful and long, but you know you have a beautiful face and wonderful features. Good luck on Monday for the bone marrow. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Love Ya Wendy

Johnathan said...

Wassup Marika,
You know, you really are one of the few girls I know who could effectively rock the bald head- your facial features totally work for it. And besides, if you really don't like it, the world of bandana-wearing is always there, and unlike many, you're an Ithacan- so you could continue with that long after your recovery, and totally fit in :-). Gotta love our home, eh?
Here's hoping that sore throat goes away soon. And by your description, it sounds like your vision is about 1 1/2 times as bad as mine, so welcome to it- and be glad that, for you, it can (and probably will) go back to normal.
Keep on keepin' on… I'll try to get you via AIM at some point, and I still want to visit- we'll see just how soon I can get there. Until then, kick it all, girl!

Nancy said...

Dear Marika,
You don't really know me but we have met twice, first at Vivianna Frakenbergs Bridal Shower and again in my backyard where Judie Andersons was married. Judie told me about what you are going through
and sent me a link to your blog. You are clearly a very special young lady. Your words and courage are remarkable. My daughter suffered a severe brain injury when she was 11 and beat the odds by showing just the courage and determination that you exhibit. Those are very powerful things so you keep up the good work and know you are in the prayers of one more person.

Anonymous said...

Dear Marika,
I am enjoying looking at all the wonderful photos of you in the IHS yearbook. You are a real beauty. Don't worry about the hair thing. It is just temporary. Yes, it's traumatic but it will be over soon. Plus there are really fun wigs out there.
We are all delighted to be able to hear directly from you again. It gives us all such courage.
See you soon.

Shoshana said...