Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Back again...

Yesterday (7/21), I went in for a platelet transfusion, but before they gave me anything, they took my temperature. It was 101.2, which is too high for someone with low blood counts, so I am back as an inpatient at Strong Memorial for a few days until my counts come back up. This is mostly precautionary, so there's nothing to worry about, but there's no need to say I'd rather be at home.
Things are still on schedule for college, and we are remaining hopeful that everything works out for the Fall.


Brig said...


Keep up the good spirits. There will be up & downs. Good days & bad. But you will prevail.

We're busy working on adding to your hat collection. We now have an excuse to travel.


Anonymous said...

hey marika!

the facebook group came up on my newsfeed and i clicked on it because i was curious what it was for. i really hope you're feeling good and stay strong! i was up at visiting day last weekend and i'm thinking about you :-)

sami unger

VickyBlake said...

I have not yet had the chance to tell you how much I admire you for overcoming Leukemia. This only shows me how incredibly stong and just... amazing you are. The fact that you have indeed kicked this terrible disease square in the butt only proves to me that you will exceed in all other aspects of life (College, the real world, etc). I have faith that you will stay healthy, and best of luck in all of your future endeavors. Your ability to overcome obstacles while keeping a sunny disposition is... truely unique.
PS- Keep singing! You have an amazing voice

VickyBlake said...
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VickyBlake said...
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stacis3 said...

Hi Marika.
You probably don't know me,
but I heard of your story through a friend of yours.
And I just wanted you to know,
I constantly read your blog
because it's truly, really inspiring.

I'm rooting for you. Stay strong.