Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So about three days ago the doctors found inflamation in my gal bladder that was affecting my liver. They proceeded to immedeately put a tube in my side to drain fuid from my gal bladder and that tube remains there today. It's not permanent, but it's not comfortable either. My liver enzymes are going down, which is a good sign because it means there is less inflamation there, so I guess this annoying tube serves a purpose afterall.
Still no progress on growing neutrophils, which is what will send me home. Other than that, my counts seem to be improving.

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carrie said...

Marika, You are one toughie. I think of you often and especially enjoyed the pictures posted of your high school graduation. I enjoy reading your posts and wish we lived closer to blow bubbles with you, play a game of cards, or just hang out. Love, Carrie