Thursday, July 10, 2008

One Confusing Day

This morning my mother and I were informed that there was no ara-C (the only chemo drug that affects leukemia) in the area due to the nation-wide shortage. We got all of our stuff together, packed up, had the IV needle removed from my hand, and had JUST signed the discharge papers when a doctor came storming into the room and told us not to leave. The pharmacy had found some of the chemo drug in Roswell hospital. After getting unpacked AGAIN, it dawned on me: I would have to get poked again to be hooked up to an IV. I am now waiting for the PICC team to come in and hopefully numb my arm before jabbing a needle into my vein. Having both leukemia and a phobia for needles isn't a good combination.


Unknown said...

Well at least a yay for not having to make another 2 hour trip there and back next week. but boo cause of gettgin stabbed with a needle again. Hope is keeping you entertained catch up on those episodes! I recommend Weeds, Dance crew, and random movies you've been wanting to see forever.

Love and Miss you Miss Marika!

terri said...

dear marika,

i'm so sorry about this problem and i can relate to your fear of needles, in fact i don't know anyone who likes to be poked around.

are you able to get the treatment or not yet?, i'm somewhat confused if you had to go home or not.

did you hear the latest news? Haley is going to have a baby, around january and marcy is getting married in june, so we will have two new members in our family in 2009.

well, hopefully things are going well.

terri and henry

say hi to your parents.